Sunday, February 26, 2006

Weekend Wrap Up

Go Sabi!

Sabina Rides Her Bike (Finally!)
Sabina has finally learned how to ride her bike without the training wheels. She is behind just about all of her friends on this skill but I just never pushed it and she never had the ganas to master it. On Saturday we went to a great park with plenty of room to practice bike riding and she started to get the hang of it. Today, I invited a friend of hers to come with us and that helped too. By the end of our time at the park she was riding fairly well. We need to bring up the bike seat to help her out a bit but she is now a biker!

Go,Go, Go!

Hermione Granger Outfit
Sabina found out that on Thursday (Read Across America Day) she can dress up as her favorite literary character at school. For Sabi, the favorite character would be Hermione Granger from the Harry Potter series. Sabina LOVES Harry Potter. She has diligently worked her way through the entire series. Right now, she is 1/3 of the way through the last book in the series, book 6. Sabina asked me if we could get a Hermione Granger outfit. I thought - why not? I looked online and saw that they are not cheap. To buy the outfit and pay extra for shipping to get it here before Thursday, would cost about $55. My mom said that she would make it for Sabi.

Gryffindor Dress Robes

We went to Jo-Ann's to look for a pattern. I started adding up the amount of $ it would take just for fabric and it exceeded the online price by far. I thought about it a lot and ended up buying the outfit for Sabi online. It killed me to pay that much but I did it anyway. She just loves Hermione. I have to say, I love it that Sabina is so into books and that Hermione is her heroine. Just think - Sabina could be Barbie or X-Box crazy . (I am trying to rationalize the expense here - can you tell!)

Sabi and Lily

Suzuki Recital, Dinner and Tío Ruben come home:

Today was Sabina's February Fling. It is a recital for her Suzuki music program. Sabina was great! She performed both with her small group that she works with on a weekly basis as well as with the entire group at the end.

After the recital, we called up Tío Ruben who just came back from Buenos Aires and had dinner at a great restaurant. Sabina entertained us with her ideas about how to be a "proper lady" and Ruben entertained us with his stories of his trip. My mom and I entertained Ruben and Sabina by spilling salsa all over our clothes!


Melissa CookingDiva said...

Wow Kelly, Sabi looks beautiful!!! She is a big girl now. Many hugs to both of you :)

paz said...

Congrats to Sabina on learning how to ride her bike! And also completing a successful recital. I think it's great, too, that she's into her book characters. Her costume choice is worth the price, I think. ;-)

Paz (Who's never read Harry Potter)