Saturday, February 25, 2006

Read Across America Day - Coming Soon!

Cat in Hat 2

March 2nd is Theodore Geisel's (Dr. Seuss) Birthday. It is celebrated nationwide as Read Across America Day. Classrooms all over the country will be doing lots of great literacy based activities to honor Dr. Seuss and celebrate the joy of reading.


What will we be doing in my room? I am not quite sure yet - I haven't figured it out completely. It will include:

* A reader's theater production of Green Eggs and Ham performed by both me and hopefully another teacher at my site.

* A Dr. Seuss Read Aloud rotation. All of the second grade kids will rotate from class to class in second grade. (The kids move the teachers stay) In each room the kids will hear a different Dr. Seuss book.

* Each student will receive a Dr. Seuss candy bar. (I found a very cool candy bar wrapper template that I personalized for my kids at my school. I will just take the Hershey bar wrapper off and slip this one on - How cool is that?)

That is it so far - I am working on a writing activity as well as an art activity. I need ideas. I hate doing the same things over and over again and want something fresh.

Any ideas?


Dree said...

I'm a HUGE fan of Seuss and Read Across America Day. Very curious - where did you get the template for the candy bar? I'd love to do that for my kids.

As for activity ideas:
~ read "Yertle the Turtle" and then make paper plate turtles (staple two plates together to look like a shell, add paper head, legs, etc) and then see how many we can stack before they fall.
~ read "One Fish, Two Fish" and then use fish cut-outs (some red, some blue, some red/blue mixed). Sort them on a Venn Diagram. (Or sort and eat colored Goldfish crackers).
~ make green eggs and ham

Can't think of any more off the top of my head. My file folder of Seuss activities is at work.

You can search online for Seuss ideas - I got a TON of stuff on the internet last year.

La Brown Girl said...

They used to serve Green Eggs and Ham at our school. But it's been a very tumultous year so I don't think we're doing anything this year. :(