Monday, February 06, 2006

Classroom Frustration!

Why is it that my students can do the really hard stuff in math like mixed addition and subtraction with regrouping but are struggling with easy, basic place value ?
I just taught a 2 week unit on place value to 1,000. The kids were doing great with whiteboard practice and worksheets. We also used manipulatives to cover all of the bases. I just corrected the chapter test and only 7 kids out of 19 passed. It is so frustrating. I will have to re-teach this somehow. I can't see moving forward if they can't get it. Any suggestions???


Teragram said...

Is is the concept or the test? Maybe they need to be tested in a different way.

This is a bit lame, but have you tried counting beans in baggies? Use snack baggies for 10s, sandwich baggies for 100s, big ziploc for 1000. Stop along the way to take account of the progress, showing all the baggies and writing totals on the board.

MsAbcMom said...

The test is identical to how they learned. I will try the baggies - I will try anything at this point!