Thursday, February 16, 2006

Novela News

A new novela will be starting Monday, Peregrina. It looks like it will be very good. It has the necessary basics: a cheesy plot, veteran actors as the older characters and hot younger dudes! If that wasn't enough, the names of 3 of the characters are also the names of 3 people in my family Sabina, Aníbal and Rubén. I have to watch it now, right? I haven't watched a novela since La Madrastra. That is just too long for me to go without one.

I can't wait for the 20th!


Julissa said...

I happened to catch a few episodes while vacationing in Mexico this last December. I was hooked! I love watching pretty people on TV - LOL

You have to watch Alborada..

MsAbcMom said...

Yay! A good review - I can't wait for it to start. Thanks!