Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tooth Fairy Update

Sabina came into my bed last night around midnight and wanted to show me the BIG SURPRISE - the Tooth Fairy came and left some $. She then wanted to have a grand discussion. (AT MIDNIGHT!) I told her to stop talking and just jump in bed and go to sleep. She said something like - well, I was going to go back to my bed but if you WANT me to stay with you, I will. Yeah, right! I was too sleepy to argue with her.

This morning after I woke up she right away looked under my pillow to see if the Tooth Fairy put her tooth under my pillow. She was baffled when she saw that indeed, it was there. Then she looked at me an said "Mom, how come the Tooth Fairy gave me $5 last time and only $3 this time?"

Greedy! I told her that the $5 was probably because it was her first tooth. (The truth: I only had $5 on me last time) She then told me "uh, uh, if you be good and clean the tooth up really well, the Tooth Fairy always gives you more money."

I told her not to listen to her friends ....

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