Friday, November 30, 2007

Hanukkah's Coming...

Hanukkah is coming soon...December 4th. Here's a clip of Sabina playing s'vivon (dreidel in Hebrew) last year.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What I Love About Fall

The crisp, cool weather.

The changing colors of leaves on the trees. (and ground)

The need to wear a light coat or jacket.

Listening to the wind blow through the leaves .

Driving around town with leaves falling from the trees like rain.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Flat Stanley Blog

I started a Flat Stanley Blog to track the adventures of our dear friend around the globe. Check it out here: Room38is great.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Guess Who???

Guess who only has one more day of Intersession?

Guess who will officially be on vacation at 2:00 tomorrow?

Guess who is looking forward to not being on a schedule?

Guess who is going to just hang out and "chill?"


Saturday, November 03, 2007

3 de noviembre


November 3rd, Panama's Independence Day

With English translation on the bottom...


I have a bully in my room. He is just plain mean to the rest of the kids in my room. He pushes, hits, says mean things to others and lies about it all. When he is confronted about his behavior by an adult, he cries very convincingly and blames it on the other kid.

I have tried all kinds of things with this boy. I have done class meetings trying to focus on good behavior, being kind, etc. I haven't focused on the bully, just talked/problem solved about these topics as a group. I have also contracted with him, talked to the counselor and his grandma, hi caretaker. All of these have been useless.

The bully's behavior has been escalating. He has chosen one victim in particular to harass, another boy in my class. He threatens that he will get him in trouble and he uses him as a punching bag regularly. The victim is obviously scared to come to school and is beginning to hate school.

On Monday, the bully was finally suspended. What a peaceful day that was. The next day he came back with a vengeance and found his victim. He blamed him for his suspension and started to verbally harass him again. I immediately sent him to the office. It was our last day of school so he wasn't suspended but he also didn't return to class. What a nightmare.

After school, I went to talk to the victim's mom. She has been so amazing through this entire process. While she is concerned and protective of her son, she also is concerned for the bully. I told her about the day's happenings and she told me that the day before, the day that the bully was suspended, her son came home so happy because the bully was not at school. He of course didn't know the real reason why the bully was absent so he drew his own conclusions. Right before bedtime he told his mom that he wanted her to help him pray to G-d to make sure that the bully didn't come back to school. The mom responded by saying that she would pray to G-d but that she would instead ask G-d to help the bully to be happy and able to play well with her son and all of the other children at school. She told her son that all children have to go to school, even the children who have problems. What a nice response.

As for the bully, yes, he has lots of problems. He lives with Grandma because his mom is in prison and he dad checks in when he feels like it. He is left alone with video games and tv because grandma can't be bothered. I hate to call home when he misbehaves because I know that he will get a huge beating.

I have requested that the bully receive counseling services. I have also asked to have the bully removed from my room and placed in another classroom so that the boy being victimized doesn't have to live in fear.