Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fifth Grade

Sabi is in fifth grade. I think she is in for an awesome year. Sometime last week we received a 3 page letter from her teacher to be talking about his classroom policies and expectations. I smiled and thought that Sabina was going to have fun but would be in for a year of hard work. Sabina read it and looked depressed. She told me "this year is going to be hard!"

School started on Monday. Sabi came home and told me how great her teacher is and how much she liked school . Super! Back to School Night was on Thursday. At BTS night we were given the same lecture about rules and expectations. In addition to this though, the teacher told us all that he would do to make sure the students are successful. I was impressed. We were also informed of all of the great things the kids were in for this year. Then came the request... The teacher asked to be invited to each student's home through the course of the year for dinner. He wants to get to know the kids outside of school. He said that he would promise to bring dessert. At the end of the year he will then host a dinner for the entire class at his home. How totally cool is that?

I am so excited for Sabi this year. I know that she is really going to suffer at times and will have to learn to "feel the burn" when learning this year but that is all good. I am sure that it will be a year to remember.

Yay for 5th grade!

Friday, August 22, 2008

10 years ago today

10 years ago around this time of night I went in to labor. At 6:00 am the following morning, I was blessed with my Sabi. She is such a joy and delight. I am happy to be her mommy.

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first official day back at school. We started with a long staff meeting from 8:30 - 11:30. We have a new principal and vice principal. Both made a good impression on me yesterday so that is good news.

After the meeting I was busy running around like crazy trying to do some last minutes touches on my room. I invited the families of my students to come by for a Meet and Greet session. I ended up with five out of my 20 families. I think that was good for the first time. The kids were great! At first they were a little shy but then they warmed up and had a blast. Their favorite thing to do was read! They found the books in the library and went over to the rub and sat down and read to each other. I wish I had brought my camera with me so that I could have captured that.

I did have some interesting encounters with 2 parents yesterday. One told me, in front of her son, that her son is very hyper and that he doesn't listen and follow directions. She also told me to move him up to the front of the room because he can't see well. As the boy was wearing no glasses I suggested that she take him to an optometrist for an exam. She then told me that he has glasses and needs to use them but he won't listen to her and therefore doesn't use them! Hmm... I watched him with her in the room. She told him to do a few things and he just pretended like she wasn't even there. I finally couldn't take it anymore and I walked over to him and I said "_____ your mom is talking to you." He then tried to pretend like he didn't hear me and he started walking away. I got in front of him to stop him from going anywhere and again told him to follow his mom's directions. The look he gave me was priceless. I think he was dumbfounded that I was going to try and make him do what he was told. He was so shocked that he turned around and asked his mom what he needed to do. Mom was so surprised that she was at first speechless and then she told him what she wanted him to do. As their little boy left I reminded him to wear his glasses on Monday. We will see what happens.

The other interesting encounter was with a parent who wanted to tell me how devoutly religious his family is. That was ok but I started getting nervous when he told me that the problem with school today is that prayer isn't in school anymore. He also told me that when his son comes home from school feeling sad he just tells him to remember that he has G-d in his life and the rest of the kids dont' and that maybe he is there to put G-d in their hearts. Hmm... this went on for a while and I was thinking about how this might play out throughout the year. They then thanked me for having the room open and said that they had to go because they were going to see a movie. I asked which one and they said "The Dark Knight." Somehow this didn't seem to fit with the values he was telling me about and it really doesn't seem like a movie for 7 year olds but who am I to judge!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Back to School Time

It's that time of the year again...back to school time. School starts in two weeks but I have to start getting the room ready and get my lesson plans in order. This year is a bit different because we changed from year round to traditional schedule. I am not happy about it but what can I do. The silver lining in this schedule is that I have two extra weeks of vacation. I am going to try to enjoy them. Usually, when I am on vacation, I spend a lot of time in my classroom getting things ready or cleaning or prepping etc. This time, I was away from my room for 24 days straight! That is an all time record for me....WOW! I went in for a few hours last week to asses the damage and work a bit. Today I went back with Sabi and she helped me to get the desks ready and work in my library. I will have to go back again but I will wait a few more days. I am enjoying being away from school.

I am planning to do something new this year before school starts. I want to have a "Meet and Greet" hour on the day before school starts in my room. I will send out postcards to the families of kids who will be in my room. This will allow me the chance to get to know the families and will allow the students a chance to get to meet me and check out their new room. I asked the secretary for a sheet of address labels with the addresses of my new students so I could send out the postcards. My heart almost sank to my knees when I saw one of the names on the list. I have D.E.! D.E. is one of those kids that everyone in the whole entire school knows by the end of the first trimester of kindergarten, a kid who has quite a reputation at an early age. I am quite familiar with him as each time it was my week to do yard duty, I ended up escorting him to the principal's office. His first grade teacher sent a note to me saying that "he is ok as long as his parents remember to give him meds...if out." YIKES!!! I am going to have my work cut out for me this year.

I REALLY need to enjoy these last two weeks. This year may turn out to be a long one.


We came back from our trip last week. I haven't felt much like blogging because I haven't been feeling well. I have been checking out everyone else's blogs but haven't been inspired to blog until today.

More on the trip later...