Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fifth Grade

Sabi is in fifth grade. I think she is in for an awesome year. Sometime last week we received a 3 page letter from her teacher to be talking about his classroom policies and expectations. I smiled and thought that Sabina was going to have fun but would be in for a year of hard work. Sabina read it and looked depressed. She told me "this year is going to be hard!"

School started on Monday. Sabi came home and told me how great her teacher is and how much she liked school . Super! Back to School Night was on Thursday. At BTS night we were given the same lecture about rules and expectations. In addition to this though, the teacher told us all that he would do to make sure the students are successful. I was impressed. We were also informed of all of the great things the kids were in for this year. Then came the request... The teacher asked to be invited to each student's home through the course of the year for dinner. He wants to get to know the kids outside of school. He said that he would promise to bring dessert. At the end of the year he will then host a dinner for the entire class at his home. How totally cool is that?

I am so excited for Sabi this year. I know that she is really going to suffer at times and will have to learn to "feel the burn" when learning this year but that is all good. I am sure that it will be a year to remember.

Yay for 5th grade!


La Brown Girl said...

Her teacher sounds really cool. I think it's such an awesome idea that the teacher wants to get to know the kids outside of school.

I wish I could do things like that with my students, too. Unfortunately, I think our principal would die if any of us attempted to do something like that.

MsAbcMom said...

It is cool. It says so much about the teacher, doesn't it. My principal would love it if we were to do something like that. The problem is that I don't live in the same town and it just wouldn't work out so well for me.

Paz said...

Sounds like it will be a special school year. Teacher sounds nice and different.


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Hola MsAbc Mom. Well I am back. No more craziness. I have decided to just vote Greens this year. Obama and McCain are just not what I was hoping for this time. I am going to provide balance and decorum on my blog. Hope you stop by. I deleted the new one I had with all the anti-O stuff on it. I am just going to be an observer and call out crazy when I see it.

Hope you and your beautiful family are well!


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

Thanks for stopping by KV! It just felt "good" to see your post AND Commodified Queer's!

I am going to focus more on issues and concerns that brings people like me and you together. The politics of today are so divisive and I seek a common thread.

Please stop by and read my post on HIV and AIDS in the black community. I would love your feedback, as I have always.

Blessings always to you, your Mom who was sweet enough to post on my blog once and ur the rest of your family.

Angelo aka PTC

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking about this quiet much... It does lead to other issues...