Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to Work

Yesterday was my first official day back at school. We started with a long staff meeting from 8:30 - 11:30. We have a new principal and vice principal. Both made a good impression on me yesterday so that is good news.

After the meeting I was busy running around like crazy trying to do some last minutes touches on my room. I invited the families of my students to come by for a Meet and Greet session. I ended up with five out of my 20 families. I think that was good for the first time. The kids were great! At first they were a little shy but then they warmed up and had a blast. Their favorite thing to do was read! They found the books in the library and went over to the rub and sat down and read to each other. I wish I had brought my camera with me so that I could have captured that.

I did have some interesting encounters with 2 parents yesterday. One told me, in front of her son, that her son is very hyper and that he doesn't listen and follow directions. She also told me to move him up to the front of the room because he can't see well. As the boy was wearing no glasses I suggested that she take him to an optometrist for an exam. She then told me that he has glasses and needs to use them but he won't listen to her and therefore doesn't use them! Hmm... I watched him with her in the room. She told him to do a few things and he just pretended like she wasn't even there. I finally couldn't take it anymore and I walked over to him and I said "_____ your mom is talking to you." He then tried to pretend like he didn't hear me and he started walking away. I got in front of him to stop him from going anywhere and again told him to follow his mom's directions. The look he gave me was priceless. I think he was dumbfounded that I was going to try and make him do what he was told. He was so shocked that he turned around and asked his mom what he needed to do. Mom was so surprised that she was at first speechless and then she told him what she wanted him to do. As their little boy left I reminded him to wear his glasses on Monday. We will see what happens.

The other interesting encounter was with a parent who wanted to tell me how devoutly religious his family is. That was ok but I started getting nervous when he told me that the problem with school today is that prayer isn't in school anymore. He also told me that when his son comes home from school feeling sad he just tells him to remember that he has G-d in his life and the rest of the kids dont' and that maybe he is there to put G-d in their hearts. Hmm... this went on for a while and I was thinking about how this might play out throughout the year. They then thanked me for having the room open and said that they had to go because they were going to see a movie. I asked which one and they said "The Dark Knight." Somehow this didn't seem to fit with the values he was telling me about and it really doesn't seem like a movie for 7 year olds but who am I to judge!


Mrs. T said...

That last bit about the Uber-Religious going to see "The Dark Knight" made me laugh out loud. Is there such a thing as a 7 year old evangelist? Should be interesting.

Shelli said...

Oy vah voy. I'm amazed at how LITTLE discipline kids are getting now, you know? It's like adults are afraid of their kids. You can be firm w/o being physical w/ your kids. I don't know. I'm just glad that he may actually pay attention and focus in your class.

And Dark knight kid? Sadly, not surprised.

Marcia said...

Looks like your year is starting with a bang, not a whimper.

Dree said...

Oh man. This just makes me look forward to my school year, lol. I can guarantee that ALL of my students have seen "Dark Knight" (I, of course, have not...) and that it's going to be the hot topic of discussion for a few months. Not kid appropriate.

It drives me nuts when parents have no control over their children. Sounds like you're in for an interesting year. Good luck!

MsMonis said...

wow, talk about restraint. i'm in awe of you. the look i would have given both parents would have spoken volumes :-)

Yoli said...

Hi...I'm the mom of the baby who was constipated (wife of She's much better now thanks to prune baby puree! Nice to see we have something in common too..I'm a teacher as well..kindergarten. I go back to work in a little over a week and I'm dreading it!!!

MsAbcMom said...

This little boy is so sweet but he is quite the evangelist. I really like him but he is having problems making friends. I will make it my job to try and have him accept others and for others to accept him.

You are right. So many kids come to school with very little discipline. I do WAY more than the "3 R's" in class. No wonder I am so tired!

It has been quite eventful and I have onlyh been through the first week...YIKES!

Good luck with your class!

I wish you would have been there. You would have been able to say and do all of the things I wanted to!!!

I wish the prune puree would have worked for us. We had to use glycerin tablets. That was awful! Good luck with our new group. Do you have a blog???

Paz said...

LOL! Interesting stories, which I know you have many. Good luck with this new school year.