Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Confessions of Tooth Fairy

Yep - I am the Tooth Fairy!

Sabina's second tooth fell out. She is so excited. She has been talking up this tooth fairy thing all day. It is so funny to watch her ask me if I am really the Tooth Fairy. She asks me all kinds of questions for me reveal myself to her but I always have a good comeback for her. The last one of the night (at least I hope it is the last one) was this:

Sabi: "Mom, I KNOW that you have to be the Tooth Fairy. If you weren't the Tooth Fairy, how come you have my old tooth? Where did you get that from?"

My response "Well Sabi, that's easy, the Tooth Fairy is a Mommy too. She knows how much Mommies like to keep things that belong to their babies so they can remember them forever and always. Part of the Tooth Fairy's route is to of course stop under your pillow and get the tooth, but the next stop is to stop by the Mommy's pillow and place it under hers so that she can save it. Check my pillow in the morning and see if it is there!"

HA! Got her! She looked at me as if she knew I was fibbing but wasn't 100% sure.

I know that we won't be able to play this little game much longer but I do love it. The longer that I can keep her young, innocent and believing in Fairies, the better!

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