Saturday, February 18, 2006

Musically Speaking

Today I have been helping my daughter clean her room. We have been listening to her "tunes" on her CD player. Her favorite CD is The Princess Diaries 2 CD. I gave this CD to her on her birthday back in August. She plays this CD just about everyday and knows the words to every song and knows who each of the different artists are on the soundtrack. Not only does she know these songs, but she knows the other songs that they play because she sees highlights of their songs both on the Disney Channel and

While I know that my baby is growing up, I have not been quite ready for all of the growing up stages that have come our way. One of these stages is developing her own likes and dislikes. Listening to her sing today with the CD seemed so pre-teen to me. Nothing was wrong with the words or the way she sang but it made me a bit wistful.

At some point while we were listening to the soundtrack I started to think about what my first album was. I want to say that it was Bad Girls by Donna Summer. (I know that it was really my dad's album but he pretended that it was mine) That was certainly not good listening material for a young girl. I was so young and naive though that I had no clue as to what the album was about. Then I remembered that my first 45 of my own, that I picked out, was The Hustle. I think that we danced to that at school and then my dad bought it for me.

I was still baffled as to what my first album was. Then it hit me:
SHAUN CASSIDY! I remember thinking that he was the coolest thing on earth back then. I think that I watched him on the Hardy Boy Series every week. I also bought his first album which was called Da Doo Run Run. (I think) I played that thing non stop - just like Sabina plays her CD. I was in music heaven back then.

I guess that I will have to accept that my baby is growing up. It is a good thing. She is figuring out who she is and what interests her. I also have to be thankful that she has better taste than her mommy did in music. I would much rather listen to the Princess Diaries soundtrack over and over again than to Shaun Cassidy. (I don't know how my mom did it!)

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Progressive Texas Chicano said...

I actually am QUITE impressed with your early musical selections. Although you might be right that Donna Summer's "Bad Girls" was probably n-o-t the most wholesome stuff a little girl could listen to in 1978, it was still GOOD music! I'll give you a break on Shawn Cassidy. I think I had a crush on Parker Stevenson. I used to think he was SOOO hot! Thanks for reading my blog. I have gotten better about posting more often again. Cheers K!!!