Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tales From the Classroom #6

Charlotte's Web

1) Today a mom approached me before school to inquire about a stamp that I had used on her daughter's paper. I regularly use different types of stamps to check off student work that we do in class so parents know that I have seen the paper and reviewed it. We are currently reading Charlotte's Web. I have been trying to stick to that theme. I used a cute little piggy stamp to check off the papers this week. The mom that approached me was very concerned because she assumed that since I had put a pig on the worksheet that the work must not be very good.

I very politely explained the situation to the mom. She then was ok with it but she said that she didn't understand because in Mexico it would mean that the work was not good. I then reiterated to her that the work that was done was well done and that I was just trying to be cute with the stamp and would never, ever taunt a child on anything they have done by trying to equate them to a pig or any other animal. She was fine with it. I think I will retire the Wilbur stamp anyway and go back to the stars!

2) I have a student who NEVER seems to pay attention to anything. He is the hardest kid to teach because he is always somewhere eles even when he is physically present in the room. I can tell him information a million times, show him where to go for help and write reminders on his desk but he never pays attention to anything. This week however, he surprised me. I got new glasses on Monday night and wore them to school on Tuesday. Not one person said anything to me about my new specs. No one that is except this child. He said "Hey, Ms. V. - you got new glasses!" I guess he does notice somethings. Now if I can just figure out how to put all of the things I want him to remember to do on my glasses, we will be in business!

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