Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Valentine's Day is Haunting Me (or Taunting)


1) My students told me that is is finally February 1st. "Can we talk about Valentine's Day now Ms. V?" ( I told them that there were too many other January things to discuss in January and to wait until February. Those kids don't miss a beat. They also wanted to pull out all of the Valentine's Day books and put them on display, like I always do for other holidays, so I can read them daily in anticipation of the hoilday. (blah!)

2) My daughter wanted her Valentine's Day cards so she could start working on them to be "done in time for Valentine's Day mom!" (she got them done in one 30 minute sitting!)

3) Every commercial break that I have seen features at least one Valentine's Day commercial. The latest one that bugs me is a Kay Jeweler's ad where some chick gets a ring from her beloved. Then they kiss. (GAG!)

4) I fell and bruised my ankle very badly yesterday. (Ok - this had NOTHING to do with Valentine's Day coming up but I feel like blaming the holiday for it anyway!

Only 14 more days and then I can be free of this oppressive holiday!!!! (well, ar least for another year!)

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