Monday, March 20, 2006

Peace is Patriotic

Peace is Patriotic!

Yesterday we went to a peace vigil/gathering at Mc Clatchey Park. It was a very nice event. The tiny little park was set up with different areas for people to either reflect, express themselves in word or song, mourn for the lives lost as well as an area for people to sign up to participate in local peace activities.

Paperboy Park

Sabina was a bit nervous to go because she is afraid of the Peace Marches that we have been on in the past. The group we are with is always quite peaceful - it is just the people who drive by and yell nasty and hateful words that scare her. This time though, the kids had their own area in the park. There was no marching this time either, just a place for people to gather together and know that there are others out there like us who think the same. There were a lot of old familiar faces that showed up but this time there were a lot of new faces too. Two Sacramento based tv channels came to cover the event as well as the Modesto Bee.

Flower Child

Sabina ended up having a really good time. She got to help set up the Kid Corner and composed some nice poetry (by herself) and drew some posters. She also loved helping the little kids out. She said that it gave her practice for when she is older and wants to babysit!

Kid Corner

If you have the time, go and check out Sabi's website. She wrote about the gathering and posted her poem there. Here is her link: Bina's Blog


jennifer said...

at first it surprised me to read that people would yell hateful things at peace protesters! austin is an extremely liberal town. i've been to and heard about peace vigils here, and it seems like everyone is on the same page.

i know that bakersfield is very conservative, but i assumed that modesto, being more northern california, was a little more left leaning...

how great that sabina gets to see peaceful protests as patriotic!

MsAbcMom said...

The Central Valley is surprisingly SUPER Conservative. It is scary. My friend lives in S.F. and it is of course the total opposite.

My brothers and I grew up going to all of the Peace group activities and I am glad to be able to do the same for Sabina. We made many good acquaintances and friends through the years from our Peace/Life Center group.

Teragram said...

Good for you. I missed the demonstrations here because of my CLAD class, but I was with you in spirit. It is definitely the right thing to take Sabina with you. It's an important memory my sons have.