Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Dinner Theater

Dinner Theater

Tonight we went to Dinner Theater at the Public Library. I love the Dinner Theater program. It is offered four times a year, once every season. People have to register to attend but the program is free. Tables are set up downstairs in the basement of the library and families are encouraged to bring their own dinners to enjoy during the show.

We have seen many great shows at the library. We have seen a professional clown, a mime, a magician, book re-enactments and tonight we saw "Biologues." The performer, Melissa Stevenson, told the stories of four great women in honor of Women's History Month: Amelia Earhart, Sacagawea, Charlie Parkhurst and Kaahumanu. All of the performers who come are very, very good and so kid friendly. Their programs are entertaining, many times educational and they always save time at the end for the kids to ask questions.

We are so lucky to have this program here in our town! Yay for the library!


cindylu said...

Doesn't eating in a library feel like you're doing something bad?

When I was little, I always wished the library was closer to my house. I made my mom take me a lot.

MsAbcMom said...

It does feel weird to eat in the library. The first time we went to Dinner Theater I kept looking over my shoulder because I thought we would get busted!!