Monday, March 20, 2006

Groovin' in the Produce Department

I was at the grocery store on a mission for some fruits and vegetables. I had quite a big list of items that I needed to get but hadn't actually written the list down so I had to walk carefully through the HUGE produce section at Save Mart to make sure that I got everything I needed.

Sometime in the middle of my produce shopping fest, I started singing to the piped in music. (out loud!) George Benson's "Turn Your Love Around" was playing. I can't remember when the last time I heard that song was. I LOVE that song. It is such a feel good song.

Anyway, I didn't realize that I was singing (and dancing a little) out loud until I heard someone elso singing out loud. (she was getting her groove on too!) We both noticed each other at about the same time and realized that we were making a mini spectacle of ourselves. The singing stranger broke the ice first and said "girl, they just don't make music like that anymore!" I had to agree with her.

We both then continued on our shopping quest in the produce section. Going our separate ways but happy to have heard a blast from the past and at the same time feeling a musical connection with a complete stranger.

As I was heading out of the department, the next song, "Outstanding", by The Gap Band came on - another great song. I turned around to look for my musical singing twin - she also was looking for me, I think. We both gave a thumbs up sign to each other and went on our merry ways.

When I got home I went right to iTunes and downloaded both songs.

I am DEFINITELY shopping at Save Mart more often.


Teragram said...

So are we getting old or are they playing better music in the grocery store???

MsAbcMom said...

I would have to say yes to both of those questions!

Cincysundevil said...

My grocery store only plays horrible muzak versions of Kenny G stuff. How wrong is that?

DCNats said...

I need to start shopping at your grocery store... all of the stores around here play the type of music cincy described.