Thursday, March 23, 2006

Border's LOVES Educators!


If you like books and anything else that Border's has to offer, go NOW to the store near you and shop until you drop! Today started the Educator's Savings days at Border's. I didn't even know about it until I walked in the store. As I walked in, I was greeted by a HUGE table of goodies for teachers and a flyer reminding me that I can get the discount. Oh - get this - you can get the discount on ANYTHING you buy - not just school purchases.

I was totally not ready for this great surprise - I tried to look for a lot of books and other what nots to spend my money on but alas, I could not remember what it was that I have been wanting to buy. I was able to find a book that Sabina wanted, More Adventures of the Great Brain as well as the latest Jennifer Weiner book Good Night Nobody, and a totally trashy book that I haven't read yet by Janet Evanovich, Full Bloom.

I was disappointed at first because I just knew there was more that I wanted but then I remembered that I could come back tomorrow or the next day! I will go take a peek at my wishlist and make my list from there. If I go back tomorrow between 4-8, not only can I get my things that I wanted but, I can get some free food and enter a drawing too!

Now I will be the first to admit that Border's probably knows what it is doing by trying to bribe us teachers with the 25% discount. (Teachers will come in like fiends to get some free food and get any little monetary break we can get.) I am TOTALLY ok with that though. It is nice that someone thinks enough of us teachers to treat us every now and then. So what if they are trying to entice us to come in and spend money. We do so much of this for our classrooms on our own dime that we might as well get a break every now and then.

Have fun shopping ... I am off to make my list and check it twice!

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DCNats said...

wow, that's a great deal. I'm going to have to swing by there with one of my teacher friends to get a hook up!