Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Counting Down the Days

I have just a few wonderful days of vacation left. Monday is back to school day for me. I have to say that I LOVE being on a year round schedule. Off track time is so refreshing and enregizing. It was also great to have the time off this month in order to be able to stay home while Sabi recovered from her tonsillectomy.
Yesterday I took my first little trip of the vacation. I went with a friend to Oakland and to Berkeley. The main purpose of the trip was to look for Kosher foods for Passover that I can't find here in the valley. In Oakland I went to The Grand Bakery and got some EXCELLENT hamantashen, borekas and challah. I then went around the corner to Oakland Kosher Foods but didn't really find anything there that I needed that I couldn't get at home. We then headed out to Berkeley to Afikomen. I am in love with that store. At Afikomen, I bought lots of Passover dessert like maccaroons, chocolate covered matzahs, and two kinds of chocolate candies. I also picked up some toy frogs for Sabi for the Seder meal as well as a new Passover book. The one treat I got for myself was a beautiful copper/jeweled mezuzah. I have been wanting one forever but just couldn't find one that I liked.

Our next stop was The Holy Land Restaurant. This restaurant serves kosher middle eastern style food. We shared a serving of malawah and then each had an order of falafel in a pita. YUM, YUM, YUM!

The last stop we made was right by the university. We strolled on Telegraph for a while window shopping and then went to Bancroft Clothing right across the street from Cal. What a great store! They have very cute clothes, lots of university gear and shoes. What we didn't know was that there was a BIG, HUGE, SHOE SALE. My friend that I went with is a HUGE shoe nut. We spent at least 45 minutes upstairs in the shoe department messing around and trying on shoes. I ended up with a pair of pink high top Converse for $24.99!!!

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