Sunday, March 26, 2006

Just Who Is This Jesse Mc Cartney Character?

First of all ... if this is Tío Nebur... you might want to skip this installment of MsAbcMOm. You will probably not like the topic of this post. Sorry Tío but your sobrinita is growing up dude!
My daughter is 7 and 1/2 years old. Two weeks ago she asked me to buy her a CD. I naturally assumed that she would want a new Wiggles or Raffi CD. WRONG! She asked for a Jesse Mc Cartney CD.

I said "WHO?"

She just rolled her eyes and said "Mom, you know Jesse Mc Cartney." (This of course was said in a very exasperated tone.) "He is the one who sings Because You Live on the Princess Diaries CD." (Like I am supposed to know these things!) She then played it for me and I realized that I did know this song. She plays the CD every night when she goes to sleep and always starts with this song even though it isn't the first track.

Tonight, I went to investigate this Jesse Mc Cartney guy online. The first picture I found of him is with his shirt all the way open. I was none too happy about this! I did some more searching and listened to some songs, asked Sabina some more about him and came to the realization that she may not even be able to pick him out of a line up. She just likes his music and wants to have his CD.

This got me to thinking about me when I was her age. I was not boy crazy but I did like Shaun Cassidy. (a lot more than she likes this Jesse guy) Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to let her have the CD. She is starting to get to that age where music means a lot to her and at least the words aren't all that bad. They are kind of love song sappy but not inappropriate. (IF ANYONE KNOWS OTHERWISE - LET ME KNOW!)

Things could be worse I guess. She could have asked for the poster of him with his shirt open! (gag me...)



Oh, how I remember the Shaun Cassidy stage - same blonde hair, same androgynous face. And that was just the beginning. More to come.

jennifer said...

did you notice the caption on that picture you linked? in case not:

U know u want to rip my clothes of me!


MsAbcMom said...



I can't even change it now because I am at work and the computer has a filter on it that won't let me go there!!!!

Thanks for the 411...

cad said...

they grow up fast!

Paz said...

LOL! You're right it could be worse. ;-) I wanna see that poster! Just joking. ;-)