Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Tales From the Classroom #4: Second Grade Wisdom

When discussing Chinese New Year's...

Student: Ms. V, I basically know just about everything there is to know about China and Chinese New Year.

Me: Really, and why is that?

Student: 'Cause me and my cousin, we go to the Chinese restaurant like every Saturday and we learn it all from the placemats!


Progressive Texas Chicano said...

I learned a lot from reading cereal boxes while I would eat breakfast, so the concept is still around! Did you see your prez tonight? What a vomitfest!

MsAbcMom said...

Hi PTC - I missed the engaging presidential speech. I was busy running around going to the Dr.!

Not surprised about the content though - how many more days left in office?

Susan said...

Ms. ABC Mom,
thank you for my first laugh of the morning: the Chinese New Year quote cracked me up.