Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tales From the Classroom #3: The Field Trip

Well ... the field trip was great. All of that complaining was just for nothing. The field trip went very smoothly and the kids (and I) had a great time.

The Bus Ride Over:
The kids were SO excited to be on the bus. Where I see a rickety old yellow piece of machinery, the kids see a fancy, exciting ride. As the kids were getting on there were lots of "wows" and "this is cool!" The ride to the college is about a 10 minute ride from our school. We took the freeway to get there. The kids loved going on and off the freeway entrances as well as seeing all of the places that they frequent around town. There was a lot of excitement when we drove past Wal-Mart. (You would have thought we drove by Disneyland!) :-) It occurred to me as we were on our way over that we could have just chartered the bus for 30 minutes to drive around town and the kids would have been very content to do just that!

At the College:
The kids got off of the bus and were the absolute, very best class that I have ever seen! They were so appreciative of the opportunity and the experience. They walked in well, waited in line well and sat well in the Black Box Theater. When I told them that I used to go to CSU Stanislaus, they were very impressed. When I told them that I took classes in the drama department, right down the hall from where we were, they were even more impressed. (I failed to tell them that I didn't do too well in my drama classes!)

The kids had some college questions such as "how much homework do you have to do in college" or "If you don't do your homework do they call your mom" and "is there recess in college." I asked some nearby college students to answer their questions for them. The kids thought it was very grown up to talk to the college students!

Meeting the Cast

The play was great. It was a very good twist on the story "The Emperor's New Clothes." In fact, I think that I liked this version better. After the play the kids got to meet the cast on their way out. The cast remained in character and joked and talked with the kids. It was great!

I look forward to going to see another play next year!

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Paz said...

Glad everyone had a good time!