Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Journal Excerpts

I like reading my student’s journals. It is fun to get inside of their thoughts. Today’s journals were fun. I have included a few below. I left all of the spelling mistakes in.

Today’s Topic: If you were the teacher, what would your class be like?

If I were teacher, my class would be noisy because I do not know how to be a teacher. And I think that on lunch time the kids would be very noisy too. And on (during) P.E., I think they would like to play a lot more than learn. I think that at recess time they would play Evil Monkey and Hot Lava Monster games.

Note: I have NO IDEA what these Evil Monkey and Hot Lava Monster games are. I guess I should pay a bit more attention during recess!


If I was a teacher it would be like fun or maybe it would be like hard. It would probly (probably) be boring. Maybe it won’t be boring. Maybe I would get some penpows (penpals) for my students. They could write litters to them.
This student just chose to list her ideas:
If I were a teacher the kids would
- not listen to me
- not be doing there work
- be pulling cards
- not be being good kids
- saying bad words ,wich is not good
- bring toys when they are not spose (
) to.

This one is in Spanish. You may wonder why I allow the Spanish. For journaling – I want them to just be able to express their thoughts – anything goes.

* Si yo fuera una maestra a mi me gustaria que nadie en la clase se pelearon con ninguno de los estudiantes o conmigo. Me gustaria ser maestra. Me gustaria tener la clase decorada bonita y tambien me gustaria dar tarea y enseñarlos a aprender y aser (hacer) cosas que no saben aser. (hacer) Eso es lo que me gustaria para la clase mia.
If I were a teacher I would like for the class not to fight with each other or with me. I would like to be a teacher. I would like to decorate my class very pretty and give homework and teach the kids to do things they don’t know how to do. That is what I would like for my class.
If I was the teacher I would giv my clas Pepsi. (Obviously I haven't taught the kids enough - Coke is where it is at!)
If I were the teacher, I would tell the kids stuff like "Sit down in neat rows please!" When it would be time to go somewhere in line, I would say "Please don't talk" and "Are you in your correct number line order?" When it would be Homework Thursdays I would say "Did you remember to return your homework?" If they didn't remember it I would tell them "I told you the consiquinces so you have to sit on the wall!"
OUCH! This one hurt to read. Am I that bossy!!!!! Can you tell that we are learning how to use quotation marks???


Dree said...

I love it when my kids quote me! They're usually dead-on accurate, but I'm always amazed by which things they remember and spit back. :)

cindylu said...

These made me giggle. Do you think the student who wrote in Spanish about liking to give homework was writing what she/he thought you wanted to hear?

MsAbcMom said...

I love it when they quote me to. It proves that they do listen to me some of the time! :-)

The girl who wrote in Spanish is true to her word. She is AMAZING. She is a wonderfully brilliant young girl. This is her first year in school in the US and already she is quickly passing some English only kids by. I will admit that she does worship me. I am always getting food from her like tamales, pastel tres leches, gorditas, etc and little gifts like pictures and flowers. I will have to do a post on her. She is so cool!