Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Success on the Job

I attended a workshop yesterday. One of the many things I heard yesterday was the following recipe for success at work that the presenter heard when she attended a workshop.

Tips For Success at Work:
1) Work hard
2) Make your boss look good
3) Be humble.

What are your thoughts on these tips?


kjerringa mot strommen said...

I think as teachers, our job is to "make the students look good", i.e., empower them to succeed, not make the administrators look good.

HispanicPundit said...

I agree with your mom. :-)

Anonymous said...

Some of these types of workshops are so ridiculous. There is good advice in working hard, loving your job, caring for the kids and wanting them to be empowered. Making the boss look good as a goal is stupid as some bosses will run with it for their own advantage, neglecting those that got them there. However if you take care of number one suggestion, you have the satisfaction of knowing it was a job well done and chances are that it will reflect positvely on the school and ultimately the administrators who will then have to explain by whom's efforts this came to be. If you are lucky enough to be acknowledged and rewarded for your efforts, being humble instead of claiming that "YOU DID THIS" in spite of feet-dragging administrators should buy their appreciation and hopefully their support for future plans and projects. As long as you present those plans in a way that shows what their "payback" will be this time. It can be a win-win situation for you, the students, and the school. Isn't that what we all should want? Johneen

paz said...

I agree that if you're a teacher, you job is to make the child look good, not the boss. Personally, my number one goal is not about making the boss look good. If I do a good job, I and everyone around me will look good. I'm sorry but my main concern will not be how my boss looks...


MsAbcMom said...

I agree with you all!

Welcome to the blog Johneen!