Thursday, January 26, 2006

Tales From the Classroom #2 - Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder

Art at CSU Stanislaus
Conversation on the way to the play today at CSU Stanislaus.

Student 1: Ms V - What is that thing?

Me: What thing?

Student 1: That thing! (pointing)

Me: - Oh that sculpture? It is art. It is here to beautify the campus.

Student 1: THAT IS ART??? Are you sure Ms. V?

Me: Yes, that is a type of art.

Student 1: What is it? It isn't even painted!

Student 2: Ms V - That piece of art is made of of solid figures isn't it? That is what we are learning in math right now. That bottom piece is a rectangular prism and the rest is just a bunch of cubes all stuck together.

Me: You are so right! Good eyes!

I love it when they can connect their learning to the real world!!!!!

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Seeing students make those connections is a thing of beauty.