Friday, January 06, 2006

Kids Crack Me Up!!!

Today during recess time and even during class time I noticed that my students were especially preoccupied with their shoes. I did not smell any foul odor so I didn't think they could be worried about stepping in any dog "business." Finally, I asked my kids what was up. They looked at me like I was some big dummy and one said "Estamos preparando los zapatos para los Reyes Magos!" (We are getting our shoes ready for the 3 Kings) I tried so hard not to laugh when I heard this. Then another one said "Yeah Ms. V. we don't want them putting anything in our stinky, dirty shoes, we are getting them cleaned up!" I couldn't help myself - I laughed SO HARD!!!!

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Paz said...

awwww! so cute! I trust everyone had a nice three kings day celebration. in my neck of the woods, they had a parade for the kids. many kids and their families participated in it, they had three real camels march in the parade, three older men as the three kings... lots of fun!