Sunday, November 06, 2005

Second Grade Pictures

My daughter's school pictures came home last month. I got out my second grade picture to share with her. It made me reflect on the differences in us and in our second grade experiences.
1976 - Me

Me - Second Gade

2005 - Sabi

Second Grade School Picture

Teachers: As I have mentioned before, Sabi has a great teacher. I don't really remember how my teacher was. My mom has told me though that my teacher thought something was wrong with me becasue I coudn't decode. (I couldn't say take words apart by their letter sounds. ie: I coudn't see the word cat and say c-a-t) I was tested by the psychologist at the school and she informed my mom that I not only could read but that I could read very well. Did it really matter that I didn't know letter sounds in isolation when I was a good reader?

Uniforms: Thank goodness for uniforms. Did you really check out that ugly sweater/shirt I was wearing? It was a one piece 70's creation! I love the way my daughter and all kids look in their uniforms. My daughter argues with me about not wearing a uniform to school when we are shopping but when it comes to casual Fridays at school she always wants to wear her uniform even though she doesn't have to!

Grades: Sabi has received very good grades. She is working above grade level in several areas. The area that she needs to improve upon is penmanship. Me? I did the bare minimum. I was an underacheiver at the time. I was so underachieveing that my 3rd grade teacher told my mom not to expect too much from me in the future. (But that's another story...)

Teeth: Sabi has thus far lost only 1 tooth! From my messed up looking teeth, I must have lost several that year and the year before.

Language: I spoke English. I knew a little bit of Spanish but not anywhere enough to be able to hold down a conversation with anyone. Sabi on the other hand is quite bilingual. She is in a dual immersion Spanish program at her school. The majority of the academic day is held in Spanish. She is fluent in both oral and written Spanish. Hooray!


Nebur said...

you forgot the obvious: Hair. What was up with that do!

MsAbcMom said...

Yeah, the hair was pretty crazy back in the day. To tell the truth, it isn't much better now!

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

You and your daughter are beautiful. Gotta love that hair-do you were rockin' back then! I take great comfort in knowing there is someone like you out there on the front lines teaching our kids.

cindylu said...

I would have loved to be in a dual immersion program. Cute photos.