Saturday, November 19, 2005

History ALMOST repeats itself

Book 4

We saw Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire today. Before I continue though I have to begin with some family history.

When I was young, probably about 4 or 5, my mom took me to see Charlotte's Web. It was a double feature playing with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. (The orginal and best version, of course) Anyway, this was a big deal for my mom to take me to see Charlotte's Web. My mom does not like cartoons and was holding out for Willy Wonka. She was very excited for Willy Wonka to start. We didn't get to see too much of it though because I apparently got very scared at the beginning of the movie. I think it was probably when the chocolate factory was introduced. Well, I made my mom take me right out of that theater and that was the end of the movie and the beginning of the famiily story about how I got scared and had to leave the theater. How many times has that story been told around here? Too many for me to mention!

Back to Harry Potter...
Sabina, my mom and I have seen all of the Harry Potter movies to date together. We have read all of the books and then eagerly awaited the movies. I wasn't sure if I should take Sabina to see this movie because it was rated PG -13. I didn't know if she could handle it. After much thought and discussion with her I decided that she could go. She knew the whole story inside and out and knew just what to expect. She also knew that Harry would make it out alive. I even teased her saying "ok - don't make me take you and then try and tell me that you want to leave in the middle of the movie." What a mean mom!

Sabina did a super job of handing the movie. Not only was she ok with the movie but she was telling me the names of the chapters and reminding me about some parts that I had forgotten as the movie progressed. Life was great and beautiful until the third task. I knew right away that there was a problem when Sabina asked to go to the bathroom for the 3rd time in the movie. This girl NEVER goes to the bathroom during a movie. It was then that I realized that it was an escape trick. We ended up watching a good portion of the rest of the movie in the hallway right below the seats. I could see the movie and Sabina could hear it. When Lord Voldemort came out though she just lost her mind. Bad mother that I am, I just told her to hold on to me and she would be fine. When I felt something wet on my waist I knew we had problems. Sabina was crying because she was scared. I had to regroup with Sabina. I really wanted to see this movie. I mean I REALLY WANTED TO SEE IT! I took a deep breath and told her that we could leave. As it turned out, at that very moment, the third task was over and Harry escaped Lord Voldemort. Sabina decided that she could handle the rest of the movie. Once we sat down, the poor thing apologized to me and said that she was sorry that I missed the movie. Let me tell you, I felt rotten! I of course told her that she was fine, not to worry about me and asked her again if we should go. She was ok though and we saw the rest of the movie.

I was feeling pretty terrible today after the movie. I knew that it was going to be ok though when Sabina started telling me about how she was going to tell everyone at school about how she got to go see Harry Potter 4 as soon as she got to school on Monday. She also mentioned how she was going to tell her friends that her mom was scared of movies when she was little but that she could handle going to the movies and staying. I DESERVED THAT ONE - LET ME TELL YOU!

My movie review:
This is my very favorite of all of the books in the series. I of course think that the book is far superior to the movie. I also was IMMENSELY disappointed that Winky, the house elf was not in the movie. She played a pretty big part in the book. That being said, all in all, the movie was quite good. All of the kids are growing up and were very enjoyable to watch. My favorite line from the movie and form the book is at the end when Dumbledore says something to the effect of
the time has come Harry to choose between what is right and what is easy." How true...


Oh - and if you take kids with you, pull them out as soon as they get scared. Learn from me!!!

By the way - Here is a very cool Harry Potter link that I found today:

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Dree said...

I saw the first two HP movies, and I enjoyed them enough, although I liked the books a lot better. Goblet of Fire is hands-down my favorite book of the series so far, and I'm really considering going to see the movie. (Without any kids.) Thanks for the review!