Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Have you ever had a student who is as cute as a button but...

1) Can't sit still for even 30 seconds?
2) Sneaks bugs into the classroom in his pants. (collected during recess time)
3) Can take a brand new pencil down to a stub in a day?
4) Can break apart a "pink pearl" eraser in 3 minutes flat? (In really tiny pieces too!)
5) Thinks that no talking means not yelling but continuing to talk out loud?
6) Whose parent thinks that he'll grow out of it.
7) Whose name you call out more times during the day than you care to count?
8) You can't get mad at because he is really sweet and just can't help himself?

He is my joy this year. Let me tell you it is a fun and challenging roller coaster ride. At times, LIKE TODAY, it can be completely EXHAUSTING!!!!

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