Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Most Memorable Turkey Dinner

It is turkey season - I have a turkey-story to blog!

My brother Nebur, my dad and I went to Panama in December of 1997. We were on my dad's farm in Parita. My dad, my uncles, brother and cousins made an oven out of tree limbs and the clay-like soil. I had no faith that this oven would actually work and be a success. I was wrong. My brother, my dad and I went out to a big Supermercado, I am not sure which one, it might have been the Super 99. We found a Butterball Turkey, (which had the expiration date listed as Noember of 1997) These turkeys were probably the left over Thanksgiving turkeys from the US! We also found some Ocean Spray cranberry sauce. We brought it back to the farm and Nebur went to town cooking up that bird. My Tía Elia baked some amazing bread and we had a most memorable feast. I couldn't believe how wonderful everything tasted. What a meal.

I will post pictures later. I think I have them at school.

Happy Thanksgiving all of you!

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