Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Election Day Thoughts and Observations

Equality in Voting?
I was in two different Polling Stations today. One of them was at the school (a very, very low income neighborhood) that I work at and the other one was at my polling place. ( a high end middle class to wealthy neighborhood)
When I went to my polling place, my ballot went through a scantron machine. I don't remember this fancy contraption at the polling place at my school. Is it possible that every polling place is not the same? If so...why? I hope that I am rembering incorrectly.

From the Mouths of Babes:
One of my Intersession kids walked in this morning and right away he came over to me and eagerly asked "Ms.___, have you voted today?" I told him that I hadn't but that I would as soon as I was done working for the day. I asked him if his parents had voted and he told me sadly that they were not allowed to vote because they "don't have papers." He then excitedly told me how much he wished that he could vote. He said that his plans are to get his own "papers" so that when he turns 18 he can go out and vote. I LOVE IT!!! I just know that I am going to remember this little boy every election day to come. By the way, this kid is so darn smart that I may even end up voting for him in an election one day. I can't wait!

Future Voters of America:
At our morning break, I walked my students down to the Polling Place and asked the ladies running the show there if my students could walk around and see a Live Polling Place in Action. Not only did they allow us in but they ever so kindly explained the entire process of coming in to vote in a very informative way for my students. These ladies were so sweet and warm. On our way out they gave my "Jr. Voters" an "I Have Voted" sticker. The kids were so proud. We then went out to the playground where they bragged about going to the "place where grown ups get to vote" and recounted their experiences as many times as the other kids would let them.


Nebur said...

good job, sis! Now, spend the rest of the year endoctrinating them to vote with the Force, and to stay away from the Dark Side. heh heh heh.

MsAbcMom said...

I'll do my best! :-) (j.k.)