Wednesday, January 31, 2007

More School Stuff

This month I lost two students. One went to an SDL class and one moved to Texas. On Friday, if one of my students does not return from her trip to Mexico, I will lose a third. Today, a new student joined our room. She comes to us directly from Oaxaca. She was apparently born here in town but then went to Mexico to live with her mom. When I asked about her family she told me that her mom just died and that "no se, pero creo que padre no tengo." (I'm not sure but I don't think I have a dad) She is now living with her uncle and his wife and kids.

My Challenge: She speaks NO English. Really, none! This will be another issue for me to juggle with all of the other things I have to balance in my day. Today went really well but I came home exhausted from doing so much TPR and translating in addition to teaching my other little ones. I think that my teaching didn't suffer but I am WORN OUT!

The Positives: She is eager, friendly and she seems to fit right in. She is not shy and made friends quickly. She attended pre-school and at least first grade in Mexico. She has a ton of paperwork that came with her from her schools in Mexico. I will need to spend some time looking through them. They are quite interesting. I have never had any paperwork accompany a child from Mexico before so it is a special treat to have documents to review.

Here's hoping for the best!!!

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Julissa said...

Wow, it doesn't end does it? :-) Things will hopefully transition smoothly.