Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Who Knew???

I have a student who behaves perfectly in school. Too perfect sometimes. I have always found him to be a bit stuffy. Everything has to be in just the right place in his desk, his peers have to follow the rules to the letter of the law or he tattles, and he has NEVER, not once, moved a clip for ANYTHING because he has to be perfect at school.

Well! I just found out that at home, he is the exact opposite of how he is at school. His room is a mess, and he is often in power struggles with his mom and brother. When I talked with his counselor last week, I almost didn't believe her.

I have been trying to figure out why he is behaving so differently at home and at school. My theory is that I have a very structured classroom complete with rewards and consequences. He knows exactly what will happen if he breaks a rule and he doesn't want to go there. I am wondering if it is that way at home. My guess is no. He must be exhibiting this behavior at home because he can.

Any other theories???


Mrs. T said...

I'd love to see paperwork from Mexico. We never got any- ever.

Mrs. T said...

Clearly, I meant to comment on the above post. OOps.