Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Just Say What You Mean!

Conversation with a student after school.

Student: "Ms. V. I'm going to move when we are done with school this year."

Me: "Oh, really? Where?"

Student: "I don't know but it's going to have a big pool and..." (I really don't know what else she said here...she went on and on and on about how special this pool was going to be and I kind of checked out...)

after she stopped talking:

Me: "Wow...that pool is something else!"

Student: "It is? What?"

Me: "What do you mean, what"

Student: "You said it is something else, what is it then?"

Me: (smiling...and CRACKING UP inside) "No, something else is just a phrase"

Student: "What does it mean?"

Me: "It means that it is really unique, special, cool"

Student: "Well why didn't you just say that???


Coco said...

He, he, he ; )

We ask our students to be SPECIFIC when they write...
Our students ask the same of us when we speak... : )

Have a wonderful weekend!

Take Care!


Mrs. T said...

"Who's on first?"