Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Case of the Disappearing Students!

My class roster is officially at 18 now that I have lost 3 kids and gained 1. However, due to the nasty flu bug going around today, after lunch I was down to 14! Kids have been dropping like flies!

Yesterday, on the way to lunch, one of my boys started to cry out of the blue. He was crying like he was scared. It took him 5 minutes to tell me what was wrong. Finally he blurted out "Me duele la panza pero no quiero irme a la casa Maestra" (My stomach hurts but I don't want to go home) I walked him up to the nurse and sure enough, he had a temp of 102 . Today, he didn't show up and neither did his cousin who is in my class as well. In addition to those two absences, another boy didn't show up. His sister came by to tell me that he has the same bug. Around 9:30, one of my girls said "Ms. V, I don't feel so good." I asked her what was going on. She said "I think I am tired. I was up puking all night!" Great! I sent her up to the office and she too had a temp of 99.5. Fast forward to this afternoon. While we were working on our math, another little girl said that her tummy "felt weird!" Not wanting to take any chances, I sent her straight to the nurse. She came back with a note saying that she too was going home with a fever.

At this point I went into panic mode, I made the kids take everything off of their desks and I sprayed all of the desks with Clorox Anywhere Spray. Then I gave all of the kids a drop or Purell to rub into their hands. Whenever someone sneezed I made them wash!!! I am NOT going to get sick. I AM NOT!

I wonder how many kids will show up tomorrow???


Coco said...

That's my mantra this year...
I am NOT going to be sick,
I am NOT going to be sick...

Can't get sick-
I need to save my "sick days".

So far, I've had only 1 child absent the entire week.

Have a wonderful weekend!



Dree said...

I had 6 kids out last Friday. They've all been passing the stomach flu around. Like you, I've managed to avoid it with the help of Clorox and Purell. So far, so good. I will not get sick. I will not get sick.

Mrs. T said...

I love the Purell. I have the big quart pump on my desk and invite and encourage my high school students to use it. Every couple of days I go all ocd on them and wipe everything off with Clorox wipes- the phone, the computer, the door handles. Every cough, every sniffle grosses me out some days.

MsAbcMom said...

Man! I got sick!!!

I hope the the rest of you stay well!