Monday, February 05, 2007


Tomorrow night I am off to San Jose for the NABE conference. I am SO looking forward to hearing the latest info on and for English Learners.

Yesterday I spent two hours writing up 3 days worth of sub plans. It is so hard to write everything out. Not only do you have to detail academic info but social/behavioral issues as well such as how the reward system works, who will try to manipulate the situation, who gets a daily report, etc. Today, I spent another hour piling the plans and all of the necessary materials in separately labeled folders, one for each day. The way I see it, the better planned and prepared I am for my sub, the better the kids' chances are of having a good instructional day. It does help that I was able to hand pick my sub. She was been Sabi's student teacher earlier this year so I think she is pretty qualified. Yay!

I don't know whether or not I will have internet access in San Jose. Hmm ... 4 days without a computer...will I survive???

Ciao y'all!

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Dree said...

Have fun! I look forward to a post filled with all the cool things you learned! :)