Monday, February 19, 2007

Trip Countdown...where did the time go?

19 more days until our trip to Panama.

Where did the time go???

I stil have to:

1) Complete report cards

2) Plan for Intersession

3) Teach Intersession

4) Dig out the summer clothes for both Sabi and myself

5) Pack

6) Prepare for the Purim Carnival

7) Figure out a costume for Sabi to wear to the Purim Carnival

8) Shop for the trip. (LOTS of mosquito repellant, another 2 g memory stick and gifts for family members)

9) Lesson plan for the third quarter and send off Xerox requests

10) Get well...this garbage is still lingering in my lungs...


Anonymous said...

Ah, good luck with all you have to do. I remember one time you went to Panama very sick, but healed well while there. Better to get well before, though! I notice David Grisman on your blog. Love him! --Teragram

Mrs. T said...

Can't wait to hear all about your trip! How exciting!