Sunday, February 25, 2007

Cultural Appreciation Day

Yesterday was fun!

Here is the recap:
Fan Dance
Chinese New Year Celebration at the Salida Library:
The perfoming arts group Fantasia, from Fremont came to perform many wonderful dances and musical pieces at our annual Chinese New Year celebration at the library. So many talented
children and adults performed.

The dances, songs and costumes were beautiful. The group, Fantasia is located at a "Daycare Center" in Fremont. It is quite an amazing organization. Read more about it here.

Cuando las empanadas están al punto, sirven con chimichurri
Family Food Night:
My brother, Lil' Lobo came to visit yesterday. He wanted to make Chinese food for us. My mom, a Spanish teacher, is currently teaching a food unit. She wanted to cook some Latin American food and take pictures of the process and final products to share with her students. The end result was an amazing feast. The menu consisted of shrimp, meat and vegetarian egg rolls, wonton soup, vegetarian and shrimp chow mein, rice, pot stickers, vegetarian and meat filled empanadas and cabbage salad. Today, I think Mom will be making some yuca and platanos to add to the food photo gallery. YUM!


Desert Chicano said...

How I miss living in L.A. there were so many different cultures their, it was always exciting when they'd do their events such as this I'm in the dessert.

Coco said...

I think this group has come to our school...

Family Food Night- MMMMMM!! : )
How can you go wrong with that?!

Have a wonderful week!


Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo,

Suvii said...

Yummm.. ya me dio hambre!!!

Mrs. T said...

What a cool event! And delicious!