Sunday, February 11, 2007

Valentine's Day Musings

So... I still don't like Valentine's Day.

When I saw this box of Anti-Valentine's Day Fortune cookies I couldn't help but smile!!!

These were SO made for me!
I was also quite amused with's Love Stinks
site. Smart people over there at Amazon!

Speaking of Love Stinks...check out this clip from The Wedding Singer with Adam Sandler singing that song!

That being said...I do have to admit that I do have some special Valentine's that I have to be very thankful for.

I have my mom and Sabi who brought me these lovely flowers, my FAVORITES, yesterday when I was sick and miserable. They rock!
Someone loves me!

I also have a secret admirer who sends me sweet little anonymous e-card love notes. Actually, the secret admirer was found out right away when I saw that the notes were signed "aynonamus!" That's right... my sweet Sabi sends me cute little cards to brighten up my day!

I have to admit it, I am a very lucky person. I may grumble a bit around V-Day but I am well loved by the people who matter the most.


Sam said...

Just ran across this one and got a good laugh out of some of the users creations :D
You can also create a personal video card for Valentine’s day with your own voice.. free


miricaro said...

Hey, we get cards from ananymous too! Gracias ananymous!

miricaro said...

Oops, I didn't spell it like she does! She's obviously a better speller.

MsAbcMom said...

I got out the dictionary and we looked for the correct spelling. Let's see if that helps...


C said...

That's so cute about your secret admirer. It's true - we are loved by the people that matter most.

oso said...

Sabi is ridiculously cute and thoughtful. Happy belated anti-valentine's day from a fellow curmudgeon.