Monday, May 28, 2007

Ice Cream Recipes

Does anyone have any ice cream recipes that they would like to share? Do you have any "light" recipes? Do you know if I can substitute Splenda instead of sugar or a low fat cream in the recipes and have it turn out halfway decent?

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Xolo said...

I would encourage you to research Splenda before you use or consume it.

Splenda is a chlorocarbon chemical. Chlorinated molecules are used to make pesticides. I read (but I can't back it up) that Splenda came from scientists working on rat poison when one was pressured to taste it and discoveres it was extremely sweet.

From my reading, it seems clear that the health effects of consuming splenda and other sugar substitutes are extremely bad. Such consumption affects the thymus and it can lead to type-2 diabetes (think, your body thinks it is eating sugar, so it sends out insulin, but then there is no sugar to metabolize).

Your best bet is to look for sugars that are complex and are absorbed more slowly into the body. Agave nectar is a great one I have found. It is expensive, but health is worth the price (as is the occasional sweet treat!).

I'll get off my soapbox now.