Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lost and found

My other baby
This morning as the three of us were rushing around trying to get out of the door I stopped suddenly and asked "Where is Sagwa?" We usually are greeted by our cat as soon as soon as we wake up. He jumps at us and nips at our ankles to go downstairs and open up the back door so he can go out and roam for a bit before we leave for the day. Today, there was no Sagwa to be found. Sabi and I did a quick sweep of the house but then had to leave as we were running late.

When we came home, the three of us went from room to room looking for Sagwa again. Sagwa is an indoor cat with the exception of the early morning and late evening jaunts outdoors. We couldn't figure out where he could have gone. We then searched the neighborhood going house to house to see if Sagwa visited the neighbors. No luck. I then came home and placed a "lost" ad on the animal control's website. Right before Sabi went to bed, we went out in the back yard to talk about the day and hang out for a few minutes. As we were talking, I heard a "meow." Sagwa!!! He was at the neighbor's house. I quickly slipped on my shoes and took off to get my cat. I was a little embarrassed to knock at their house at 8:30 but when I did, the door opened immediately and I was rushed to their back porch. They were waiting for me!!! Apparently Sagwa had been there all day but wouldn't let them get close to him. I was so happy to see Sagwa but he was quite frightened and wouldn't let me catch him. He was very scared. He ran away from me and went over the fence. Luckily, the fence he went over was ours. He realized that he was home and went right back inside of our house.

When I came returned to the house he was still a bit scared and needed some space. After about 10 minutes though he found me and jumped into my lap. He wanted to be held, scratched and loved. It was quite clear that he was a bit stressed out because his heart was racing and his claws were digging into my arms! He couldn't relax. Later on he chilled out and wanted to rub his nose/face against my neck as if to say "I am glad to be back home where I belong!"

Sagwa has not let me out of his sight since he has been back. (Right now, he is sitting on my lap as I type!)

Welcome back home Sagwita. We missed you!



Anonymous said...

Awww.he's so cute! Hey, is he single? I know a cute siamese latina cat he'll fall in love with...

MsAbcMom said...

I think that Sagwa and Violeta would make a good couple. Too sweeten the deal...he has been neutered so they will definitely be "safe!" :-)

Mrs. T said...

Poor Sagwa! He is gorgeous and seems to be quite sweet. I'm glad he's not lost!

CookingDiva - Chef Melissa said...

que suerte han tenido! me alegro de que Sagwa haya regresado a casa sano y salvo!