Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Field Trip I Can Enjoy!

Normally, when I hear the words "field trip" I cringe. I hate the responsibility, the money collection, the prep and the anxiety. I also hate the big, yellow, bumpy, uncomfortable school bus.

So why am I so happy? Tomorrow I am accompanying Sabi's class on a field trip to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco. I am taking a personal day away from my classroom and going as a parent volunteer. Whoopee!!! I will have a total of 4 kids to watch over and explore this cool museum with. To make life sweeter, I am not going to ride along in the bus...I am driving in my new, comfy, XM radio equipped car! Life is grand.



cad said...

hope you had a blast on your field trip! :) Happy Friday!

Robin said...


Gustavo said...

that's my kind of field going to a roller rink

Suvii said...

I bet you had an awesome time! I love that place!

Coco said...

How was it?
Hope you had a wonderful field trip. : )
We have one next week...A's Game!!
Unfortunately, I'll be staying with kids who did not complete the assignments (Monthly Reading Logs!)


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