Friday, June 01, 2007

Random Notes

1) The internet is SO cool. Today I received an e-mail from a former exchange student from England that stayed with us when I was in high school. She found me via the internet a few years ago but then we lost e-mail addresses and fell out of contact again. I tried to find her again on the internet but no luck. She reconnected with me by pure luck. She was apparently reading random blogs and ran across my brother's blog. Through his blog, she found me and voila! Our British friend is engaged and will wed in Greece in October. How cool. Congratulations long lost friend!

2) My baby is now a third grade graduate and will start 4th grade in the fall. I took a half day off from school this afternoon and picked her up and celebrated her great report card and successful year at Dairy Queen. YUM!
Sabi's Treat!

3) Shelli over at Hydrangeas Are Pretty made my day yesterday when she reported that a Harry Potter Theme Park will be built and ready to go in the summer of 2009. WHOOPEE!!!

4) 39 Days until my birthday AND the opening of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix! I get excited every time I check out the trailer. Yay!

5) I am still in love with XM radio. BBC news and CNN en espanol are awesome. I have also been enjoying the 80's and 90's rap/hip-hop hits. This is quite embarrassing for Sabina. She shrivels up in her seat and tries to hide when I get carried away and start dancing in my seat to tunes from Kid-n-Play, De La Soul, Run DMC and others. Too funny!


Mrs. T said...

Congrats to Sabi! Claire still has 3 and 1/2 more days of 3rd grade. My birthday is in 27 days- not quite as excited about it as I am the Harry Potter hoopla. I am going to have a marathon, where I read all 6 books prior to getting the 7th on its release date. Hopefully will be able to time it just right.
Love the Obama button- it matches the sticker on my car. Have you had a chance to see him in person? We get to see EVERYONE here, being an "early" state. He is amazing.

cindylu said...

I had a similar connection recently. A girl I stayed with in Australia when I visited in 1994, and then stayed with me in 1997 when she visited California found me on Facebook. We'd write letters all the time, but had lost contact somewhere around 1999 or 2000. She's now a nurse. Yay internet!

Julissa said...

Dairy Queen always rocks. Confrats to Sabi. Dude, we're probably on the same page, because last night I got into my early nineties R & B mood. I was listening to Jodeci, Al B Sure, Old Mary J. and SWV. Why does it all go by so fast!!!!!