Sunday, June 24, 2007


I have 5 more days to go with my current group of students. Some years I am sad to see the kids leave and others, I can't wait to shut the door and get a fresh group. This year, I can't decide how I feel. I am am somewhat in between.

This group has been challenging but fun at the same time. There are some very sweet and hard working students in my room. One student in particular just amazes me. She came in pretty low and with very limited English. She has worked herself as hard as possible and is not at grade level, in English. She ROCKS! (That is her favorite phrase.)

Other students just suck the life out of me. Overall, I have a young group. Age really makes a difference in second grade. I had so many students who started as 6 year olds! Because of this, I had to deal with a lot of immaturity - tattle telling, silly spats, not self motivated and in need of lots of material rewards. I have 3 students who also challenge me with their behavior. One in particular that exhausts me just by thinking about her.

This last week will be filled with lots of activity. Monday we are in class with centers all day long. Tuesday is field trip day to the park. Wednesday is a Read In. Thursday is Field Day and Friday, a minimum day will be spent doing our favorite things - a student request day. The students get to do what they want - their favorite games, centers and art actvities.

5 more days...

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Coco said...

I like the idea of having the last day of school be a "student" request day : ) Hopefully, I'll remember this for next year.

I think your little girl is PRECIOUS...and very creative to make up her very own "meme" : )

So what are your summer plans?

I, too, was tagged to do 7 Random Facts, and then later tagged to do el juego de OCHO...they're both up.

By the way, have you voted for the NEW 7 wonders of the world yet? Stop by my blog for the link...

You can do it...
just a few more days of school. ; )