Friday, June 15, 2007

I'm Dying Here Folks

School is hell right now.

The kids are still restless. Every five minutes (or less) I have someone running up to me to say "Ms. V so and so ___________" etc. Tattle- tale patrol is killing me. I can't take it. It is so bad right now. The only way to avoid conflict right now is to keep the kids entertained. In order for that to happen I have to be on my toes running non stop from one activity to the next with no breathing room in between. I am exhausted by 9:00 am!

The kids were so nutty today that I finally broke down this afternoon and told kids to work out their problems for themselves...OUTSIDE. I told them to come right back in when they resolved their problems and wrote out a plan of action or an agreement between themselves. Did I mention that it was 102 today? Have I also mentioned that I have no shade in front of my room? Damn if those kids didn't work out their problems like Dr. Phil himself.

10 more days...


Anonymous said...

Ok, so here's a last ditch solution. Brownie points. On Monday, put circles up on your whiteboard for however many table groups you have. Everytime a group is doing the right thing, put a little mark in their circle. "I like the way group 3 is getting along with each other", or "I like the way group 2 is helping each other", or "I like the way group 1 got ready so quickly". At the end of the week, they all get a brownie. The group with the most brownie points gets two brownies. Sounds lame, but it is amazing. You won't believe how well they get along and how quickly they get ready, and how quiet they are. I wouldn't use this all year, but toward the end of MY year, it was desperation time! Good luck, Teragram

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

OMG! KV! You must have some real monsters to be pushing YOUR buttons like that. Aye mija, just breathe in and out! Sorry I haven't been around much. Work is swallowing me whole AND! I had an emergency appendectomy this past week so I have been recuperating from surgery (my first). Guess as I approach my 40th things are going to start falling apart on me.

Besos mi amiga!

Coco said...

Repeat after me...
I can do this, there's only a few more days of school left.
AND keep saying it to yourself!!


Cracked Chancla said...

i hated the tattle-tell kids. and its probably b/c i was usually the one they were telling on. ;)