Thursday, March 22, 2007


Right before we left for Panama I bought some VHS tapes and set the VCR to tape my novela, Zorro. I am too hooked on this new show. I had it all set up perfectly. The tapes were all labeled, the tv was programmed and my mom graciously came in to change tapes from time to time. Perfect, right? No!!! I forgot about the time change and didn't get my shows! I watched the show for the last two nights and am completely lost. It is funny because you can miss about 6 months of an American soap opera and still know what is going on. If you miss even one night of a novela though watch out - a lot happens in a very short time.

Today I had the bright idea of checking out Telemundo's website to see if they had a message board. I figured that I might be able to get some clues about what happened in the 7 days that I missed. Guess what I found? The episodes that I missed!!! I can watch the episodes online - Yay!!!

¡Gracias Telemundo!


Coco said...

glad that you're back : )

nope, i'm not watching Zorro...
i'm not watching any novela : (

it's unfortunate that some parents do NOT know how to "parent"- this father insulting his child should be taking parenting classes!

did you make your sancocho?

take care,

MsAbcMom said...

Thanks for the welcome home. You should definitely catch Zorro!

My sancocho was GOOD!