Tuesday, March 20, 2007

We Are Back!

Sabi and I got back last night (actually, this morning) at 3:00. (Thanks mom and Ruben for picking us up)

I am exhausted but can't sleep. Hopefully I will get some zzz's in tonight and then start blogging about our trip later this week. In the meantime I will leave this picture from our trip and a list of things that I didn't want to hear yesterday.

Things I Heard Yesterday That Don't Like to Hear When I Am Traviling By Plane:

1) Thank you for flying _________ The expected forecast for (destination) is cloudy with a chance of rain. (scares me)

2) "Mommy! I am NOT going to sleep at all on the plane! I am going to be awake the entire time! (exhausts me!) Luckily this didn't happen. Sabi got some sleep and when she was awake was the most perfect traveling companion.

3) (while on the plane) "Ladies and Gentlemen, please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts as we are experienceing soem Turbulence!" (AACK!)

These last two take the cake though...

4) "Ladies and Gentlemen, we are not sure when will be boarding as the plane's door is broken!"
(Double Aack!) We ended up flying out 2 hours late and taking a new plane.

5) (stated by the man sitting next to me) "Mam, could you hand me your Barf Bag if you are not going to use it?" (Triple Aack! yes...he used it!)


jennifer said...

welcome back! i was laughing at your barf bag story. i totally had to use the two on one flight and felt sooo sorry for the people next to me. :(

Progressive Texas Chicano said...

welcome home! looking forward to hearing about your travels! eeww! barf bag? bless your heart.


Suvii said...

Yikes!!! The barf bag would have creeped me out too. Glad you and Sabi are home safely. Can't wait to read the posts about your trip.