Monday, March 05, 2007

I'm Old People!

Today I received an e-mail from a high school acquaintance that I never see but hear from via e-mail from time to time. She wanted to let me know that our reunion is coming up and we need to get our names in to the people who are planning the event. I stoppped to think about it and it will be my 20 YEAR REUNION!!! That is just disgusting. Where did the time go???

I e-mailed the contact person and said that I could help out with the planning. Now I am thinking that I would rather hideout and not even show up at the reunion at all. 20 years??? Ugh!


Suvii said...

I can relate! My 20th will be coming up in a couple of years too and I am dreading it. I just don't know how I got here to being middle-aged! It IS quite disturbing! LOL

I did see that you live in Modesto.... not far from me at all, so "hola neighbor"!

Coco said...

Oh, you've got to go!!
Once you get there,
it'll be LOTS of fun!! : )
Women age well : )
but the men,
well, they don't do too good.

Have a wonderful time in Panama : )


Anonymous said...

My 40th reunion will be coming up in two years. Oh my! I've never gone to one, they don't even invite me anymore. I must say though, my 50's are my best decade yet. Something for you to look forward to! --Teragram

Mrs. T said...

Oh, go. It's fun to see people, really.
I'm helping plan for my 20th reunion- I'm actually looking forward to it.