Wednesday, March 07, 2007

I am going crazy

I hate packing. I always overpack. Everytime that I travel I always think "this time, I will pack light." Yeah right! I never know what I will want to wear or what I will need. To make matters, I have to pack for two. Ugh!

In addition to packing, I have a million other loose ends to take care of before I leave on Friday. I am looking forward to getting on the plane just so that I can finally exhale.

Two more days...


jennifer said...

all the craziness will melt away as soon as you set foot on panamanian soil. all's well that ends well.

Suvii said...

Ok... I have to admit.. I'm a bit jealous! I want to go to my little Central American ray of sunshine too! (I'm from El Salvador) I hope you have a great time, safe trip and enjoy your vacation! How long will you be there? Can't wait to hear all about it!