Friday, March 23, 2007


The fruit in Panamá is fabulous. One of the things I love about visiting is that I know that I am going to have the best, freshest and juiciest fruits available. Here are my favorites:



If you like pineapple, you MUST have some in a Central American country. There is nothing like it. The pineapple is pure sugar without the tangy touch of sourness that comes in pineapples here. We went on a long trip in Panama from Chitre to David. (About 4 hours) We picked up some pineapples at the beginning of our trip. (2 for $1.00) We dined on pineapple at a rest stop and were completely satisfied. YUM!


This is the cashew fruit. It comes in different colors. The taste is awesome. It is a sweet citrus-y flavor fruit. It is jammed packed with liquid but at the same time has a very dry taste. My dad has a tree at Keruasa. I found the tree and was in heaven. I had plenty of these. I also picked a huge bag and took them back to Panama Viejo where my Cousin squeezed the juice out and blended it with the pulp of the fruit. This fruit is too dry for her so she then added freshly squeezed oranges to the marañon and made an AMAZING drink.



This is my Tia Yaya's favorite fruit. We found a stand on the trip back from David and picked up a bunch for her. I had never eaten it before so I tried it. It was good. It was sweet and creamy. It is absolutely amazing to look at.



What can I say? It is absolutely wonderful. Sweet, juicy and refreshing in the hot Panamanian weather.


X said...

Yum! Thanks for sharing these delicious photos.

Julissa said...

Welcome back, Kelly. Love your pictures! Especially when you get shots of food :) Watermelon and cold papaya are my favorite.

Robin said...

My sister and her family are in Panama this week too. Beautiful photos!

cindy said...

I think it's sad that there's all these fruits I've never even heard of (marañon comes to mind).