Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Winding Down

Including today, I have three more days left of school. I have completed report cards and organized my class cummulative files in the office so all of the BIG things are done. Now we just have to get through the next few days.

The last week of school is always loaded with events. Here is what we do in 2nd grade:

Assembly in the morning and a visit from CSU Stanislaus future teachers. A group of 24 future teachers come to our school to do a science project with our second graders. 4 teachers come to each class and work with 5 kids a piece. They practice their teaching skills on our kids while performing a science experiment. It is always a lot of fun.

In the afternoon, we had our field day. The kids got to rotate through 2 different stations outside and do different activities with water and chalk. It was hot but fun. We ended the day with popsicles!

Today is the staff vs. 6th graders baseball game. I have never played because it is always too hot. I also don't like to play because if I do, there is no one to watch my kids.

In the afternoon we are having a movie day and an end of year party.

Spelling Bee! This is my first time ever doing a Spelling Bee with my students. I am SO excited and they are too. We have been practicing for the last two weeks.
In other news, Sabi and I will be flying to Panama on Monday. I have been going crazy trying to prepare for my trip. We have been shopping for items that we need, trying to pack and taking care of things that need to happen around the house.

One of the things I have been working on is boarding my cat while I am gone. (My mom left for Panama already!) I have never boarded a cat before so I am new at this. My mom and I discussed keeping the cat inside and having a friend come and feed him. When I was thinking about this idea I kept getting visions of a feline version of Ferris Bueller's Day Off! I decided to look for a place to board Sagwa. I called a LOT of places and went to visit a few. The first couple I saw were gross! I finally found one that is ok but it is expensive - $14 a day! Due to the fact that there were no vacancies at many of the kennels and that the ones that had openings were disgusting, we are going with the $14 a day place. I am still a bit worried about how it will go for my cat but I guess that there is no other option.
In other news, The LA Times just had a huge article on Panama this past weekend. The write up is nice, the pictures are good and so is the music. (look to the right of the screen to see the pics and hear the music) You can get there by clicking here. Thanks to Margie for sharing it with me.


jennifer said...

good luck with those last few days of school! spelling bee! hooray!

and have a fun and safe trip to panama.

johneen said...

I read that article on Panama and listened to the music and viewed the pictures. I found it very interesting and enlightening. I am sad to admit that I never thought of Panama as having substantial modern cities. I pictured something much more bucolic but rich in ethnicities. Have a great trip, stay safe, travel smart, but taste it all.